The mission of The Harvey Bernhardt Foundation is to provide one-time financial assistance for hardship cases related to medical or natural disasters, victims of crime or other tragedies.  Recipients must be citizens living and working in the North Florida community.  Recipients are referred by members of the community and work with the foundation to determine the best course of action.


About Harvey Bernhardt

Dr. Harvey Bernhardt was a vital member of the Jacksonville Community for 36 years.

Dr. Harvey Bernhardt was a vital member of the Jacksonville Community for 36 years. On January 9, 2007, Dr. Bernhardt passed away suddenly. Surviving polio as a toddler and stricken late in life with post-polio syndrome he was a fighter who surpassed all the odds and loved every moment of every day. His goofy sense of humor, warm smile and positive outlook touched everyone who knew him.

Dr. Bernhardt founded Bernhardt Laboratories in 1986 which continues to thrive today. His favorite past-time was basketball. He founded Team Jacksonville and the Junior Men’s Basketball Championship. He coached many teams over a twenty year period and served as a coach in the Jacksonville City League teams, AAU & Team Jacksonville from 1974-1995. Dr. Bernhardt was also a staunch supporter of the American Cancer Society Duval County, Great American Smokeout of Duval County and Lung Cancer Taskforce and Duval County Coalition Against Tobacco.

It is his strength of character and willingness to fight that will be honored through the Harvey Bernhardt Foundation. Prior to his death, Dr. Bernhardt had been planning to start a foundation that would benefit working citizens of our North Florida Community who are stricken with financial hardships related to medical or natural disasters or who are victims of crime. His friends and family came together to start the foundation and complete his dream. Beneficiaries of the foundation will be referred by local community leaders and friends of the Foundation. For more information contact Monica Bernhardt at (904) 386-5662 or monica@todoers.com.